Jerry’s Images


Since I retired from teaching in 2006, I have returned to an old passion of mine, photography.  I enjoy taking all sorts of pictures, from pictures of nature, to candid shots of people at work or play.  I particularly enjoy taking photos of people in the performing arts, e.g. dancers, singers, musicians and actors.  I also enjoy photographing little babies, and young children.

I have also discovered the joy of videography.  Thanks to modern computer technology, I am able to videotape a subject, create a slick movie of that subject, and burn it to a DVD.  I have had the opportunity to take still and motion pictures of the dancers at the Troy Dance Studio, performers at the Community Christian Church of Sterling Heights, MI, musicians performing for Chamber Soloists of Detroit, and private photos as well.  I have produced instructional videos for dancers, and some interviews.  Many of my videos are played regularly on public access television.

If you would like me to photograph an event, or videotape it, take portraits, or publicity photos, please contact me.  My prices are reasonable.  However I do not do weddings or Bar Mitzvahs.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

These are a few pictures that I took while Leila and I were vacationing in Kauai with friends.